Mask Fragrance Patch

Masks have a limited effect on blocking odors

Most masks may prevent the infection of the disease and block the odors and pollutants in the air, the actual effect of blocking the odor is very limited. Even if the activated carbon mask has an adsorption effect on some organic solvents, it is not for all. The compounds have a good adsorption effect, so wearing a mask is actually not good for blocking the odor.

However, in daily life, odors are often encountered. Whether it is a mixture of various odors on a vehicle, there can be unpleasant smell in our environment, and even when cleaning the garbage, there is always bad smell.

The smell may not affect health, but it does affect the mood.

Although not all odors will cause harm to health, but odors may directly affect our mood, so the fragrance patch is developed for this kind of circumstance.

Imagine when you are drowsy, someone around you has a cup of coffee, the momentary smell of coffee gives you a fresh mood, or when smelling the scent of fruit to make you immediately remember the unforgettable island vacation.

Therefore, BrealaxLab fragrance patch was created based on this idea. By providing different fragrances, the odor of the environment is naturally reduced. One’s mood can be changed to enjoy regardless of whether you are working or commuting. It’s like being in a different environment in an instant.

Different from the normal ways, the source of the fragrance is all natural essential oil, and no artificial fragrance is added.

Generally, there are scented products on the market (such as fragrances, other scent-containing cosmetics), and chemical fragrances are used for the long-lasting scent. In addition to being cheaper, it can maintain a long-lasting taste.

BrealaxLab scented patches are made entirely of natural extracted essential oils. No chemical flavors are added. Chemical flavors are not only unpleasant and unnatural, but they often feel uncomfortable.


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