BrealaxLab Mask Features

Common problems with general disposable masks:

  1. The capacity of the mask filter has not been tested or tested but product specification was claimed over rated.
  2. Insufficient air tightness.
  3. Users can’t breath smoothly.
  4. Not environmentally friendly

BrealaxLab considered all the mentioned factors above to come up with production solution, allowing filtration, air tightness, smooth breathing, and friendly environment needs to be achieved at the same time.

Filtering ability

The BrealaxLab mask has passed the Taiwan National Standards Inspection Bureau inspection standard test (CNS14755), and its test conditions are equivalent to the US NIOSH standard (that is, the inspection standard for N95 masks – the same particle size and flow rate), which can reach 80%, not only can filter bacteria, but also Fine dust can also be filtered.

Enhance air tightness

The biggest problem with the general disposable mask is that the airtightness is insufficient, because the air will run in the direction of low resistance. Therefore, if there are many gaps or openings in the mask, then the air will be in a large proportion and will not be inhaled by the filter. When putting on the mask immediately, if the inhaled air is not infiltrated by the filter material, the protection effect is actually greatly reduced.

BrealaxLab masks add structural strips to the top, middle and bottom, increase air tightness, reduce voids as much as possible, and greatly enhance the protection. In addition, the middle support actually makes the mask into a three-dimensional structure, in addition to better exhalation. It can also prevent the lips from touching the filter material to make the mouth mask or lipstick and other contaminated masks and damage the makeup.

The lower structural strip is made of aluminum strips, so that the overall mask is more tightly fitted, so when user chins up or turn the head around, it will not make a large hole.

Low impedance

Although BrealaxLab has good filtering ability and good air tightness, the impedance (pressure difference) of breathing is not high, so it is not easy to wear or sultry when worn.

Friendly environment

Generally, disposable masks are made of petrochemical materials (PP, PE, PET, etc.). These masks are actually plastic, and there is no way to be decomposed by the environment. Even if incinerated, toxic gases will be produced.

The three layers of BrealaxLab mask filter are made of polylactic acid (PLA). Polylactic acid is made of starch and can be decomposed by the natural environment. Whether it is incinerated or buried, the environmental burden is much less than using ordinary plastic non-woven fabric.


Hygienic packaging (each mask)

BrealaxLab masks are not only useful for daily use to against air pollution, but also to avoid disease transmission. In order to avoid pollution from yourself or others’ hands, BrealaxLab uses a single piece of packaging for each mask, which is safer and healthier to use.

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